A Website about Sacrifice and Love

Welcome all, it is September 5th 2018


Do not forget to get into your galoshes today

The sacrifice may save your city

2006 concrete galosh
cement shoes in forms

2013 concrete galoshes in forms

2006 concrete galosh

Pain, Discomfort, sacrifice, selflessness = Concrete-Galoshes-Day

Here is a quick check list for items required for your next Concrete-Galoshes-Day,

not all of these are necessities, but are nice to have


bags for forms, bags for feet, masking, packing or duct tape

hammer and chisel, rebar wire (optional), insect repellent, ankle padding

water to drink, water to wash, fast setting concrete, 50 pound bags

forms for feet, flashlight, electric light, table, umbrella, pebbles

knife, vegetable oil, old paint brush, poncho or rain gear, rubber gloves

video camera and a telephone.